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In today’s world, all are equal. This is a very important phrase, it should not be forgotten. But some earnestly do not want to hear it. There are several thousand people in the world who have their body features. Most of the problems are not dependent on them, and we must make everything so that these people do not feel disadvantaged. The inclusion of education of persons with disabilities as an integral part of the general education system is the minimum that we can give from today.

Inclusive education, a big step towards creating an ideal, full-fledged society, which will allow all people to participate in society and make their contribution to it.

We must make it possible for everyone, regardless of their needs and other circumstances, to fully realize their potential in this beautiful world.

Benefits of inclusive education.
– Inclusive education has the resources directed to the development of equality in the group.
– This education provides extensive communication skills.
– The system is built on full mutual respect and friendliness.
– Inclusion is “NO INSULATION”
Students with disabilities have the opportunity for:
– Experiencing full citizenship in school and the community
– Forming a wide circle of friends
– Experiencing new academic challenges

What is like “inclusive education”?
The basis of inclusive education is an ideology that excludes any discrimination against children, which ensures equal treatment of all people but creates special conditions for children with special educational needs. Being inclusive means looking for all possible paths for all children, to be together during a difficult learning process. At the same time, do not allow yourself or someone else to allocate the child’s personal anatomical features. Inclusive education is the process of developing general education, which implies access to education for all in terms of adapting to the various needs of all children, which provides access to education for children with special needs.

Let’s start with schools. Later we can “turn on” the whole world.

Every person is unique.

Each person is a person who does not resemble anyone and this is great because we are unique!