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Career and technical education have risen to educational radar in the last decade, turning from college alternatives into a new type of college path.

Almost every day on the street you can hear the phrase CTE. But do you know what it means?

Career and technical education – commonly known as vocational education or CTE – describes classes designed to prepare students for work.

How is professional and vocational education different from professionals?

In a sense, it is not so different. In many high schools, it is still possible to find the same vocal classes that existed half a century ago. They prepare students for jobs that usually do not require a college degree, such as child care, welding, cosmetology, or plumbing. Career and technical education (CTE) gives senior students a chance to start preparing for college and a career with our help. In our programs, you will learn how basic school subjects, such as math and arithmetic, science and writing, are used in real life. As soon as you become our student, you will have the opportunity to take part in practical training according to your chosen program and get real-life experience through jobs and internships for interested students like you.

 Many programs currently focus on areas commonly associated with undergraduate education, such as engineering or business. Since all types of professional careers are increasingly seen as ways for additional education after high school, they should be more academically rigorous than in the previous generation.

How many students really choose CTE programs?

A lot. About 8.3 million high school students — nearly half of the US high school population — were enrolled in one or more CTE courses in 2016–17, according to the most recent data

Firstly, almost half of the students who study at the CTE high school are girls. At the moment, we have preserved gender patterns in subjects. There are more girls in the field of health and social services. We believe that it is necessary for everyone to receive first aid training.

Every year we try to educate as many people as possible. CTE is becoming increasingly oriented towards higher education because of the quality of work and the quality of life of an employee depend on the quality of education.

We position ourselves as a benevolent and pleasant company for a happy start in life.