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There is no scientific work without entry and conclusion. No matter how much we want to write all this, we have such conditions for our training. But there is always a plus in everything, even here you will find a couple.

The conclusion is a capacious and brief retelling of all the work you have done. Something like the input, tell you. But it is absolutely not. If the introduction is an introduction to your work, then the conclusions are its outcome. And write a conclusion on a different algorithm, in completely different words than the introduction.

A simple algorithm for writing output.
– Reveal the urgency of the problem.
– Briefly and concisely about the theory.
– The purpose of your work.
-Analysis of the goals.
– A list of materials used and manuals.
– The result.

Conclusions are an even shorter retelling of all your work. Conclusions are numbered. You can have 4 – 7 conclusions. The size of one output is approximately one paragraph.

You should have written 1 conclusion on the theory.

Ideally, when you write output using proven reliable results than by methods.

One conclusion may be devoted to the description of psychological indicators between which there are no significant differences or interrelations. With a little desire, the last conclusion can be made theoretical, summarizing all the results obtained.

academic and practical possibilities of the project – describe the ways of introduction into the production sphere, point out ways to solve the problem, give recommendations for further use.

The first and most important rule: do not try to push in the conclusion of all your text of the project work. Formulate the main points, emphasize the practical and theoretical value of the study, highlight the problems encountered during the writing and describe the positive aspects of studying the material.