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With the help of the Common App essay, the university gets to know you. If the SAT, all the courses you have taken and the earned marks add up to your portrait as a student, then the essay refreshes these dry numbers and reveals you more like a person, as a person. That is why you need to take this work as a chance to tell all educational institutions about yourself, your values ​​and why they should accept you.

Do not forget that your essay will be available for familiarization in many colleges at once, it is best to draw a portrait that is available to the widest possible range of educational institutions and staff of the commissions.

Since the essay consists of 650 words and has practically no formal instructions, the construction of the answer may seem like a difficult task.

How to write Common App?

To reduce the time of writing an essay as much as possible, while maintaining the quality, it is worth performing a simple sequence of actions:

1. Brainstorm
Such a strategy is a critical exercise that makes it easier to develop high-level ideas. To do this, you need to answer a few questions: “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “What is unique in me?”, “What is important to me?”. You can also let go of yourself and plunge into a passion with your head, sometimes emerging in order to reread the writing.

2. Organize
Now all the tumult of ideas that have arisen during the brainstorming, you need to merge into a coherent text. Despite the fact that the Common App is not a traditional essay and you can do whatever you want with it, it would be better if there is a logical link throughout the text. You are obliged to use descriptions and live dialogues!

From the beginning of the text to the end of it, ideas should be clearly built and flow naturally. Good ways to do this are to introduce a storyline or place your emphasis on causation.

3. Write
An essay in total should show your high level of grammar and sentence construction. It does not have to be a world-class masterpiece, but when reading everything should be clear.

And finally, a couple of tips to achieve this:
– do not just talk, but show
– more specifics
– use only active voice
– say «no» to cliché

In principle, not one single “correct” topic. The essay will be on the level, it will be strong exactly as long as the writer is passionate about him, passionate about the idea and feels comfortable. And this is on condition that the essay answers the main questions asked.